Concert – 4th October at 11.30am

Excited by her recent restoration, Betty, the Organ at St John’s Hyde Park will be doing a concert with the choral scholars of St John’s Church and organist Nick Miler to raise money for Reckless Giving.

Timeless anthems, including:

Zadok the Priest, Handel

Easter Hymn, Mascagni

Gloria, Vivaldi

Va Pensiero, Verdi

I Was Glad, Parry

and a collection of Spirituals


Reckless Playgroup Pancake Party

On Tuesday (17th February) the playgroup which meets at St John’s Hyde Park will be having a Pancake Party for Shrove Tuesday. There will be Pancake themed songs (The pancakes on the bus go…) and pancakes to decorate and eat… Afterwards those who wish to will go to Connaught street to participate in the Pancake Race at mid-day. All donations for the day will go to the Reckless Giving 2015 campaign.